WiFi Installation

WiFi (Wireless Networking) Setup

We can set up your WiFi network so that it’s as secure as possible and easy to use

Why get us to do it?
Many manufacturers of WiFi equipment advertise that it’s easy to set up - but mostly it isn’t, especially to make it secure. That security is essential even if you have no private or confidential information on your computer.

This may sound like scaremongering but unfortunately, it’s all too real:
“Wardrivers” cruise around in a van fitted with laptops and powerful WiFi aerials looking for unsecured networks (perhaps just like yours!) If they find one they’ll use it to send thousands or even millions of spam emails, for which they get paid. The first you know about it is when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tells you that you have no Internet as it’s been disconnected because you’re a spammer!

Worse, wardrivers may use your WiFi to distribute material which can earn you a very unwelcome knock on the door from the police.

We can set up your wireless Internet to make it as secure as possible. We’ll show you how to use it and how to deal with travelling with a WiFi laptop so that you can use WiFi facilities (hotspots) within airports and hotels etc. with the minimum of fuss.