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We have been serving IT users for over 10 years and aim to continue providing the same convenient, quality service that has made us so highly thought of in our field.

Questions about our services?

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Support Services

Most people call us because something is broken and they need it fixed - sometimes yesterday!
We can deal with machines not starting/booting, virus and other malware infestations, corrupt or damaged hard discs, and any other problems that are preventing you from using your computer to get on with your work.

Installation Services

We can

  • Provide IT equipment/software and install it for you
  • Advise you what equipment/software to buy (see below) and/or install it for you once it’s been delivered
  • Simply install equipment/software that you already have.


  • You have a business problem which you can probably solve using IT but aren’t sure of the best way to proceed.
  • You need to buy or lease IT equipment or software but need advice on what to get and perhaps where to get it.
  • You have existing IT facilities but need to make better use of them, use them for something new or need impartial advice on upgrading.
  • You need bespoke software.

WiFi (Wireless Networking) setup

Read why setting up WiFi isn’t as easy as they say it is - and why you should let us do it for you.

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How we get to clients quickly, even in heavy traffic

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Turnkey solutions

From advice to turnkey systems.

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