Why get us to do it?
If you buy a PC from a mail order supplier or any of the high street/shopping mall outlets, they’ll tell you that you just have to unpack it form the box, connect up a few wires, switch it on and go through a few simple setup steps and it’s ready to use.

No its not!

Most such machines come with a load of software you probably don’t want, much of it designed to persuade you to part with yet more money for entertainment media. That’s probably the last thing you need on a computer you use in your business!
It will also likely be pre-loaded with demo versions of applications you do want - such as anti-virus and office software. These will often not be easily identified as trial versions and the first you’ll know of it is when they expire 3 or 6 months later, just when you have a deadline to meet.
We can help you choose exactly what software you need rather than what someone wants to sell you. we can then obtain it for you (some of it may be free), install it and configure it so it works the way you need it to.

We can join a new computer to your network and set up any network facilities needed, such as access to shared files. We can set up email, backups etc as required. If you have a Windows domain (perhaps you have Windows Server) we can join the machine to the domain and do any other configuration required to make the machine operate the way you need.

We can do similar installation tasks for Macs and Linux computers.

Turnkey solutionturnkey graphic

If required, we can evaluate your requirements for new or upgraded hardware, provide you with costs, obtain all the hardware and software necessary and install everything so that you take delivery of a useful tool with very little effort. This is our Turnkey Service and has proven very popular with our clients.